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Running some of these big name destination races might be cool, but it is something most of us can only afford once or twice a year.

Many trail-runner do enjoy racing often throughout the year.

Given that seeing naked people spread-eagled on the far side of the Eisbach as you stumble past is a bit of a tourist attraction, city elders in their infinite wisdom voted to extend the trauma for the enjoyment of all.

Germany though, has a long tradition in its citizens standing around places looking decidely unclothed.

The situation arose due to the recent expiration of legislation controlling nude sunbathing in Bavaria.

City leaders had to decide whether to allow sun-seekers (or should that be attention-seekers) to stand naked in English Garden scaring the squirrels.

Treat yourself to relaxing summer holidays by the lake.Last summer saw bathers of both sexes at a clothing-optional lake in western Germany jeered by disapproving men who had apparently come to the area with harassment in mind.The head of the agency that runs Berlin’s swimming pools and numerous bathing lakes has noted that the popularity of naked swimming has plummeted in recent years, and he cites friction with the city’s less naturism-friendly tourists as a possible cause. Instead, social and technological change is reshaping habits, and locations for public nudity are being regulated by law.Enjoy water sports, a wide range of other activities or simply relax and unwind during a wonderful summer holiday in Bavaria.Check the current temperatures by taking a look at the daily updated water repost and weather forecasts.