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We talked with two professional dating and relationship experts to give us the 411 on making the adjustment to dating older men. Most meetings will happen if you see each other out at a party or if you happen to run into each other on campus.The dating scene with older guys is “more traditional in that there actually are dates,” says Shannon Fox, a relationship expert who has been featured on .“With a man in his 20s, you’ll be more likely to go on nicer and more grown-up dates, like to wine tastings or networking events,” says Laurie Davis, an e Flirt expert who has been featured in The New York Times and The Washington Post. It’s not necessary to throw yourself at him to reel him in.

But even if you’ve mastered the dating scene on your college campus, a night out with an eligible bachelor in his 20s is a whole other ballgame. On a typical college campus, the idea of dating is almost non-existent.2) Go Clubbing Want to meet an endless supply of fit, financially comfortable, educated men over 40? If you don't already golf, there are lots of reasonably priced lessons at your local public course.(And of course, plenty of overpriced ones at the private clubs.) Once you've mastered the basics, you have two options to maximize your man-meeting potential: You can pull together a foursome with a collection of like-minded women, or you can head out to the course on Saturday morning as a single and complete someone else's foursome.Most college kids are living off their parents or a low-paying part time gig, so they really don’t have a disposable income.Older men, on the other hand, typically have a real job a steady income, so dinner at a nice restaurant rather than your campus pizza place is a possibility.