The term canadian english has a pedigree dating to 1857

And that rare Tibetan Llama Pooh Beer really was just that - liquid camel diarrhoea.So what beers are easily available in the bottle and have acquired a name that even a spotty beer novice still drinking with stabilisers would recognise?1) Newcastle Brown Ale: Dating back to 1927, this is now the best selling bottled beer in Europe, and is one of Britain’s most well-known brews, famous for being the first Northern-style Brown Ale.Jim Porter, the brewer, had tried for five years to produce a beer to rival the clarity and purity of Bass.

The population over the past 350 years has been comprised of: Their mingling is reflected in our island motto, "Out of Many, One People." In the decade of the 1830s many landowners returned to Great Britain, or dispersed to other parts of the British Empire.The results which have been preserved as census records do not contain any names of individuals, but merely numbers of persons in various categories, which generally included: white, black, free colored, certain countries of origin, and occupation.One exception is the Census information for Hanover for 1823 which has been found in some Colonial Office correspondence and is on this site.ale, p.425 - "a beverage made from an infusion of malt made by fermentation, flavored with hops, or other bitters." (OED) beer, p.425 - "an alcoholic liquor obtained by fermentation of malt, flavored with hops or other bitters.Formerly distinguished from ale by being hopped; but now generic, including ale and porter." (OED) bumper, p.374 - "a brimming cup or glass." ( burgundy, p.138 - "wine made in Burgundy, generally understood to apply to the red wines of that province, unless otherwise stated." (OED) canary, p.182 - "a light sweet wine from the Canary islands." (OED) claree, p.425 - "a name of yellowish or light red wines, as distinguished from "red" and "white" wines; used, about 1600, for red wines generally.