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Member of tenure track faculty at University of Texas Brownsville since 2011.

Dissertation title: “Batuko and Funana: Musical Traditions of Santiago, Republic of Cape Verde.“ Dissertation Director: Dr.

Master thesis title: “Cape Verdean Funana: Voice of the Badius.” M.

This is two and a half years later when Michael and Stefan have settled in a small town, hiding from the Mafiya and the Institute and Michael thinks that as a genius and trained killer (he keeps the trained part and discards the killer portion completely) that he is adjusting very well to the world. The excerpt I’ve chosen to share is from Chapters 3 & 4, not the beginning of the book, as I want to see the reaction to Michael as he’s now nineteen going on twenty and much more confident than perhaps he should be.

But not a day has passed that Stefan hasn’t thought about him.