Sammi cheng and andy hui dating who is kanye dating 2016

Recently, Sammi sat down for an interview to discuss the film and her thoughts on co-star Andy Lau (劉德華). ’ It is okay to show your feelings on screen, but I wouldn’t dare to, and I wouldn’t even think about it.

She also opens up about her relationship with on-and-off boyfriend Andy Hui (許志安), and shared the lessons learned during her three-year battle with depression. Throughout the years, the only feeling I have about him is that he is so handsome!

How much does a brand pay for an A-list celebrity to film a paid commercial?

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The happy couple reportedly plans to hold a wedding party in Hong Kong next year.

Read on for the most high-profile Asian celebrity exes who rekindled the flame.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse When the romantic flame extinguished: Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse first dropped the bombshell on us when their May-December romance came to light in 2002.

Unaffected by the talk surrounding them, the lovebirds, with an age difference of 11 years, even inked a couple tattoo on their waists as a mark of love.

However, some believed that Nicholas, who was only 19 at the time, was trying to use the Chinese diva’s popularity and status to boost his own career.